UK University (UCAS) Admissions

Our Expertise & Successes


With a history of providing an outstanding quality of support to applicants, we take pride in our dedication to providing every student with the attention and time required to ensure their support is perfectly suited to their needs, equipping students with the confidence and skillset necessary to exhibit their talents and ambitions as part of their application.


Through meetings with their Consultant, students benefit from their outstanding subject-knowledge - providing a unique insight into the academic pursuit of their chose field of study – and benefit from their Consultants own experiences with the UK university admissions system (UCAS) and their experience previously supporting students in their applications. This insight allows Consultants to advise students best on university selection, further reading, their Personal Statement, language and admissions tests, and work experience.

University Choices

With the support of a Consultant from the applicant’s chosen field of study, no individual is better placed to advise each student on the best selection of universities, balancing the student’s interests and preferred location.

Further Reading

Every Consultant is an expert in their field, and Consultants and Applicants share a passion for their subject facilitating a genuine exchange of knowledge and enthusiasm that gives each student a taste of university education.

Personal Statement

Having gained entry into a Russell Group university, every applicant’s Consultant is the perfect guide to writing the perfect Personal Statement, teaching applicants to their genuine love for their field alongside their academic achievements.


Language & Admissions Tests

By successfully gaining entry into their field of study, Consultants are well-situated to coach applicants in their relevant admissions tests, giving them the confidence and knowledge to succeed, whether applying for Law or Ancient Near Eastern Studies.

We interview each member of our team of Consultants personally, and provided with the support and resources they need to make sure every student receives world-class support. If an applicant is applying for joint honours, we’ll place you with a Consultant in the degree’s respective home department, and a second Consultant to also advise on your application. You can find our more about how we select our Consultants here.

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