Should Entrepreneurship Become Part of the IBDP’s ‘Core’?

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October 6, 2014 - “No way!  That would crush the IB’s central mission of creating a more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” – The common response when this question is posed on web forums.

But are business skills, knowledge and entrepreneurship not so estranged from the IB’s values as they first appear?

Currently, the IBDP’s core consists of ‘CAS’: creativity, action and service.  All students must complete a specific number of hours developing their skills in each of these categories.  Coupled with the programme’s learning outcome aims – three of which are to create independent thinkers, risk-takers & communicators – surely these are exactly the skills and qualities that the entrepreneurs of tomorrow are developing at ages 16, 17, 18?

It seems that knowledge of the functioning of businesses, creating sustainable local and global economies, how societies work and where wealth comes from, is the IB’s missing puzzle piece.

Should the IB equip its students with the skills necessary to become successful business owners?

If we’d rather have ‘open minded, enquiring and internationally aware’ ex-IB students running the world’s businesses in 20 years’, rather than shady tycoons, then yes, perhaps it’s time to revamp the core.