Maths Tip from IB Tutor Tom

March 16, 2017 - >Tom is one of the most experienced and long-standing members of our team, and we’re delighted he’ll be returning to teach for the third year in a row! This wealth of experience goes a long way in developing teaching methods, keeping up to date with current trends in the IB, and knowing where the pitfalls lie for students. Not only this, but Tom also sat the IB himself, which places him in a unique place in being able to offer the top tips and strategies IB students need. He shared his experiences with us.

Tom became interested in becoming a tutor during Sixth Form when he “was often the person to go to for help with science homework,” and making the natural progression whilst at University was a great way to share his knowledge and passion for science. These qualities are what made him stand out to Elite IB, not only does he have a natural and amicable style, but his subject knowledge is second-to-none and continuing his studies in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London has only developed his passion for science.

“Most of the skills you need are already in your head, ready for the exam.”