UK Unis – A Snapshot

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January 25, 2013 - I recently completed an interview for a documentary website discussing the merits of UCAS, UK admissions and how both view the IB diploma. My view is that although UCAS views the IB extremely highly (a simple comparison of UCAS marks shows how well it is weighted vs. A-levels or similar). However, universities still consistently ask for relatively higher entry requirements for IB students (a 40 point offer for an IB student usually corresponds to an offer of 3 A*’s at A-level, whereas UCAS marking shows a huge disparity in these two scores). Increased knowledge of the system is bringing parity to these offers.

Once the student has heard back from their 5 universities, they must select a Firm and an Insurance – if the student obtains the offer required for the Firm, they are obligated to take this offer. If they miss their Firm offer, but make their insurance, they are obligated to take their Insurance. If they miss their Insurance offer, they can wait to hear back whether the university will accept them, or they go through a process called Clearing. Clearing provides an opportunity to apply for remaining spots in universities which have not filled their places. Clearing opens once A-level results are distributed.